Why can’t Microsoft ship Open Source Software?

By calejo on July 11th, 2008

These days I’ve been questioning many people inside Microsoft and I’ve found an absolutely good answer to it. It’s interesting the comparision behind it. Maybe now people can start understanding some points.

You can find the article in (Why Can’t Microsoft Ship Open Source Software-) and an interesting complimentary of it is this one in Jon Galloway‘s blog. Read this interesting excerpt:

"Let’s say Microsoft took my advice and shipped Paint.NET as a Windows Vista Ultimate Extra. Unbeknownst to Microsoft – or even the Paint.NET project leads – a project contributor had copied some GPL code and included it in a patch submission (either out of ignorance or as with malice aforethought). Two years later, a competitor runs a binary scan for GPL code and serves Microsoft with a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Microsoft is forced to pay eleventy bajillion dollars and damages. Perhaps even worse, they’re hit with an injunction which prevents selling the offending application, which requires recalling shrinkwrapped boxes and working with computer vendors who’ve got the software pre-installed on computers in their inventory. All for shipping a simple paint program."